Rebekah Fieschi was born in Corsica, an island off the southern coast of France. An innate storyteller, even as a small child she made up elaborate stories to tell her family and friends. Her natural talent for make-believe and her lucid imagination fostered a palpable fantasy world that still serves as an inspiration for her work. Taken with cinema at an early age, it was after seeing Edward Scissorhands at 11 that Rebekah realized she too could make her dreams as vivid and tangible to others as they were to her. Since then she has put all of her energy toward crafting her own films. After studying filmmaking in Paris, Rebekah moved to New York in 2010 to continue her studies and begin her filmmaking career. She has since made a dozen short films and has numerous projects in the works. Her films Mauvaises Têtes, Two SistersClara's Tale and Horromance have all screened in film festivals throughout the world, including: 

2016 NYC Independent Film Festival
2016 DC Independent Film Festival
2015 Dragon Dreaming Film Festival
2014 Thurrock International Film Festival
2014 Sedona International Film Festival
2013 Fargo Fantastic Film Festival
2012 Phenom Film Fest
2011 New Filmmakers, New York